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Fendiddle the mouse decided that he would get his friend Kipper the Squirrel something nice for his birthday. Yet he didn't know exactly what to get him. He knew his friend was the best at swimming yet, he was afraid of being up high. Fendiddle was afraid of the water, yet he knew there was a special flower on the other side, that looked really pretty. Yet it was out of his reach. However there was one gift he knew that he could get him and that was strawberry jam. Strawberry Jam was Kipper's favorite treat and it grew on the ground. So he decided to head out to the meadow where the strawberries grew and decided to fetch some. He then went back to his tree and made the jam. Kipper was kind of curious what his friend was up to as he hadn't seen him in quite a while.

'I wonder what Fendiddle is up to? I haven't seen him all day.' Kipper spoke. He then started his search for him. He looked by the lake, then by the meadow, and then by his burrow. 'Fendiddle?' Kipper spoke.
Fendiddle hid in his burrow the strawberry jam was not yet ready.
Kipper decided to turn away from the burrow assuming he was out. Fendiddle breathed a sigh of relief and after sometime he finished the jam and went over to his friend's burrow.

'There you are Fendiddle I was looking for you.' Kipper spoke.
'I was out on trip, and I brought you something.' Fendiddle replied and handed it to him.
'Oh what is it?' Kipper took a taste. 'Mmm Strawberry Jam, my favorite.'
'Happy Birthday Kipper.' Fendiddle replied.
'This is a very delightful present.' Kipper spoke. 'Thank you, thank you.'
'Your very welcome.' Fendiddle smiled.

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