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About Us

We are a virtual petsite community that caters to people
of all walks of life. In order to keep this balance we take
great care in making sure that all content is sorted into
the appropriate groups. We make sure that any non reviewed
content is not made visible to the public. To
do so our review team checks every bit of uploaded content
to make certain it operates within acceptable parameters
for each group. Unlike other sites that check content after
the fact we try to do a preemptive content check to mitigate
the bad content that might arise.

Though we do perform these checks up front somethings might
fall through the cracks. If such a thing does happen please
contact us immediately and we will look into the situation.
Our community is only strong if we work together. What you
might have noticed is that our registration section is
sometimes closed from time to time. Due to bot attacks on
the site in the past we had to add a couple of antibot
measures to mitigate the chance of bots coming in. When
you register for an account on this site all information
is screened by our team of keymasters to determine if the
registration is legitimate.

Once our team of keymasters has approved or denied the
registration request the registration information is
automatically deleted. If your registration is approved
then a user account will be created from the supplied
registration information. A registration and user accounts
are two separate entities. This was designed to keep bot
accounts restricted to the registration and not take up
valuable user account space. In order for our team to
send emails to you, a valid email address is required to
play on this site.