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Privacy Policy

Duelingpets collects only a small set of information to create an account. The data that our servers store are email, country, timezone, birthday, vname, and login_id. We do not collect any more specific data than this for privacy reasons. Duelingpets uses email addresses to send users information about upcoming events, reseting user passwords, activating accounts, and answering user specific queries. Timezones are used to set up the user's website clock and make it easier for users from various timezones to interact. We use the birthday information to determine which bookgroup to put users into so they can get access to age appropriate content. Vnames are used to help users identify each other accross the website and are kept in a cookie to keep track of who is currently active on the website. Login id is a private key that is necessary for logging in to the website. The Country field is used to help make things easier for users to interact with each other who come from different timezones.

Duelingpets will only share the data that we collect only under certain circumstances such as when law requires access to the data. Most of the time we don't share or sell data. Duelingpets does not have any third party companies that it works with, as most ads are user generated only with in game currency such as points or emeralds. Duelingpets tries its best to protect the submitted data where we can, but should a security breach happen we will notify our users through email or through our news section. Duelingpets will remove the account in question if either the user chooses to close his account or if we are asked by the kid's parent to do so. Duelingpets accounts are free when the user registers for one and can be closed at anytime. Duelingpets uses relatively few cookies, we use only one cookie and that is to keep track of a user's session.