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Name: Glitchy-the-Dragon

Created on: 22 days ago on (January-06-2020)

Rawr welcome to my den, I am Glitchy the mischievious Glitch Dragon. I manage this website's points and treasures as well as the taxes that users pay for certain features. Now you might be wondering what a glitch dragon is? Well a glitch is a bug within the programming code that was unexpected by the creator. A dragon is a beast from a fantasy world that breathes fire and has wings. I entered into this website through a programing mistake by the admin, when he first met me he was quite flabbergasted. However he decided out of curiousity to let me run amuck in the code itself and well from that time on, I helped him design various features. As you can see this hoard is my domain and I have a couple of tricks up my sleaves that I'd like to play on unsuspecting users. Hehehhee. Besides this game wouldn't be that much fun if it didn't have a dragon of its own, now wouldn't it?

Current Economy Prices

Donation tax rate: 0.005

Colorscheme source: 40 points

Blog source: 60 points

Blogmascot source: 100

Contest source: 0 points

Treasury: 10000 points