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Shared Accounts: Shared accounts are used to help teach younger players how to play the game by having an older sibling or parent play with them on the same account. This can be created during registration by opting in using the shared account option. Shared accounts are limited to max of 1 or 2 accounts which are separate from normal account creation. Once the younger player is familiar enough with the controls they can then have an account of their own and the original shared account can be removed. Shared accounts do come with a couple of restrictions though. Shared accounts can’t be used to create Pets, Items, Elements and Tags as this would make the game a bit unbalanced, however the accounts can create Channels, Jukeboxes, Galleries and Stories.

Trial Accounts: Trial accounts are used for players who are not sure yet if they are ready to join in on the fun on Duelingpets. As such we provide three demo accounts that the player will be given. One per player. They allow the player to play on the game for a couple of weeks to a month at most till the timer expires. At that time they can then either proceed to convert the account to an actual account to have all their data saved or they can choose to have the trial account delete all the data. Either way the trial account gets freed up for the next person to come along. Trial accounts unlike shared accounts are limited to a max of 1 account per player and as such they can only have one trial account or one normal account as both count to that total. There will probably be a lot of restrictions on the features of this account since it is only just a demo.

Collaboration Mode: Duelingpets has an in game collaboration mode that can be activated on Gallery, Channel, Jukebox subfolders or the books themselves. This is used to allow other players to contribute to the specific folders or books you have chosen.

Account Creation: Users are only allowed to have one account on Duelingpets that they solely own. This is to make it easier for users to recover their account and to balance out the game quite a bit. Accounts are only created if the site Admin or staff say the account is okay to be created and have been vetted through a manual registration process. Any inappropriately named accounts or troll accounts will not be allowed in. Account names should at a bare minimum be as clean as possible to the lowest bookgroup level as we do not have the capability to hide accounts just yet. The contents that the accounts contain on the other hand can be set by the player so that data is only visible to certain bookgroups.

Account Protection: When logging into your account you will be prompted to enter a login id and password. The reason for this is to add an additional layer of security to the login process, unlike the traditional username which is known by everyone. Login id information is unique to each individual player and as such is hidden away from view from other users as well as most Duelingpets staff. This is to ensure that player accounts don’t become compromised. Only the Admin and Moderation team can change the login id if necessary. For security reasons please ensure that the login id is not the same as your username. Login ids are only used for the purposes of logging into the website and should not be used elsewhere.

Naming Policy for Pets, Items, Creatures, Elements, and Monsters: For content such as Pets, Items, Creatures, Elements, and Monsters please ensure that the names are as clean as possible to the lowest bookgroup available as these contents will be publicly displayed, some of which after being reviewed. Any inappropriate named content will not be allowed in, but in pets case the staff will politely ask you to change the name to something a bit more appropriate. So please don’t give the content a name such as farty mac farten.

Coding Bugs: The website itself may have a couple of coding bugs that the Duelingpets staff has yet to uncover. As much fun as it would be to play around with those coding mistakes, it is better to report them out to staff for them to have a look at. Depending on the severity of the bug in question they might be patched out, however some bugs that might be a bit silly or useful might become future features of the website itself. Duelingpets staff would reward users for finding such bugs that get reported out by giving them extra points, emeralds, or even a common or uncommon item for free. By exploiting bugs instead of reporting them out will give player’s an unfair advantage over others. In that particular case depending on the severity of the bug this could come with point and emerald fines in addition to a website ban for a couple days to a week at most. Website staff would rather see players rewarded for finding things than punishing players.

Profanity: As far as Duelingpets staff is concerned profanity is okay to use as long as one doesn’t go too overboard with it. However certain areas such as those listed in the above naming policy should not have profanity used there. Blogs in general, or comments can contain it if necessary but for the most part try not to go overboard with it. If you are interacting with lower level bookgroups try to keep the profanity level reasonably tame.

Bookgroups: Please ensure that the appropriate content gets set to the correct groups.


Rule 1: Do not interact with people if your extremely sleepy or drunk. The reason for this is people sometimes say weird things when they are overtired or drunk. For peoples sanity please don’t use your communication system during that period of time.

Rule 2: Users come from different timezones so go easy on them. Interacting people from different timezones can be a bit challenging. To make things easier it is better to use a system such as pms, or shouts to communicate with them, since there is a bit of a delay and its possible they might not be active during your play time. Live chats are better for users in the same timezones.

Rule 3: Please do your best to be kind to your fellow travelers. There is so many new friends to make, if we show each other a little respect. If people make mistakes we should be accepting of them and realize that we are not perfect. No one is.

Rule 4: No hate speech, misinformation, slander or cancel culture. Please do not engage in these types of things as it will only inflame the community and drag everything through the mud.

Rule 5: Lets us take the time to get to know each other no matter what interests or kinks they are into. Everyone on this website is a bit different from each other and that is okay. So we should take the time to understand that other people might have certain interests or kinks that are strange to us. We should greet them as fellow travelers and be a bit more understanding that those things make others happy. Life would be rather boring if we all liked the exact same things. Take the time to learn something new and keep an open mind.

Rule 6: Many users may come from different nationalities. Since users of many different types across the globe will use this website, there will probably be several different languages in use. While the default language will be traditional English language others might use German, Russian, Spanish or others. So speaking other users from different languages allows us to grow as a community as we learn about their different backgrounds and cultures.

Rule 7: There is no permanent bans or blocks. Duelingpets staff doesn’t believe in permanently banning users from the website as all it will do is further inflame things. The staff feels it is more important for users to talk through their problems rather than blocking others. That is not to say that we won’t ban people if the rule of a certain severity level is broken. We will simply ban them from using the website for a few hours to 8 years at most. If users show a sense of maturity and apologize for their actions than the severity of the penalty will be reduced. However the apology can’t be forced by other users and has to come from the individual directly if they choose to do so. If necessary we will be here to listen to both sides of the argument and do our best to remain impartial to both sides.

Rule 8: Go at your own pace and have fun on the website.